Project Psyche

Lepidopteran genomes for Europe

Get involved

If you want to become part of the Psyche community, get involved by joining here.

There are monthly meetings via Zoom which are used to coordinate, celebrate and share updates on data generation and genome analysis. If you are interested in joining these meetings then sign up to our Google mailing list by filling out this form: This will update you with monthly meetings and other opportunities to become involved with the project.

We use Discord to keep in touch between meetings and to coordinate all things Psyche. Join our server to contribute to these discussions:

Follow on twitter/X: @psychegenome


There are many ways to contribute to Project Psyche:


Contribute samples

If you are interested in contributing samples to sequence, please fill out this form:


Genome analysis

While all genomes will be publicly accessible to use, we would like to facilitate coordination of the different analyses. To do so, we will create working groups for genome analysis. Everyone is welcome to suggest analyses, contribute to making exciting findings with the genomes.


Developing standards for genomics

We aim to establish best practice guidelines and standards for sampling, data analysis and collaborative research.



We would like to extend the reach of the project to benefit diverse communities. If this is something you would like to help with, we value your input!



We work with BGA to spread the knowledge of how to analyse genomes to answer diverse questions. The next one will be during October 2024. All previous courses are freely accessible on YouTube. We are also planning to organise workshops and research exchanges. Stay tuned.


Applied usage of genomes

If you would like to use the genomes to benefit nature restoration, agriculture, or human welfare, we are keen to support you in these endeavours.