Project Psyche

Lepidopteran genomes for Europe

Highlighted Research

Opsin Gene Duplication in Lepidoptera: Retrotransposition, Sex Linkage, and Gene Expression.

Opsin proteins which are essential to colour vision in insects, have evolved in Lepidoptera through over 40 duplication events including an ancient duplication which together may contribute to sensory specificity. 

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Branch of Willow with Red Underwing and Puss Moths c.1705? Watercolour and bodycolour with gum arabic on vellum Maria Sibylla Merian

Chromosome evolution in Lepidoptera

The ancestor of butterflies and moths possessed 32 chromosomes which have largely remained intact despite 250 million years of evolution.

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Lepidoptera genomics based on 88 chromosomal reference sequences informs population genetic parameters for conservation

Usinga comprehensive, reference-free, whole-genome, multiple sequence alignment of 88 species of Lepidoptera, the genomic factors that may relate to the level of conservation concern are explored.

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